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SpotLight is a Light that shines in a specific direction from the location at which it is placed.


Property Name Return Type Description Tags
hasNaturalFalloff boolean The attenuation method of the light. When enabled, attenuationRadius is used. When disabled, falloffExponent is used. Also changes the interpretation of the intensity property, see intensity for details. Read-Write
falloffExponent number Controls the radial falloff of the light when hasNaturalFalloff is false. 2.0 is almost linear and very unrealistic and around 8.0 it looks reasonable. With large exponents, the light has contribution to only a small area of its influence radius but still costs the same as low exponents. Read-Write
sourceRadius number Radius of light source shape. Read-Write
sourceLength number Length of light source shape. Read-Write
innerConeAngle number The angle (in degrees) of the cone within which the projected light achieves full brightness. Read-Write
outerConeAngle number The outer angle (in degrees) of the cone of light emitted by this SpotLight. Read-Write

Last update: February 21, 2021