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IKAnchors are objects that can be used to control player animations. They can be used to specify the position of a specific hand, foot, or the hips of a player, and can be controlled from script to create complex animations.


Property Name Return Type Description Tags
target Player Which Player the IKAnchor is activated on. Read-Only
anchorType IKAnchorType Which socket this IKAnchor applies to. Read-Only
blendInTime number The duration over which this IKAnchor is blended when it is activated. Read-Write
blendOutTime number The duration over which this IKAnchor is blended when it is deactivated. Read-Write
weight number The amount this IKAnchor blends with the underlying animation. A value of 0 means the animation is player unchanged, and a value of 1 means the animation is ignored and the IKAnchor is used. Read-Write


Function Name Return Type Description Tags
Activate(Player) None Activates the IKAnchor on the given player. None
Deactivate() None Deactivates the IKAnchor from whatever player it is active on. None
GetAimOffset() Vector3 Returns the aim offset property. None
SetAimOffset(Vector3) None Sets the aim offset of this IKAnchor. None


Event Name Return Type Description Tags
activatedEvent Event<IKAnchor ikAnchor, Player player> Fired when this IKAnchor is activated on a player. None
deactivatedEvent Event<IKAnchor ikAnchor, Player player> Fired when this IKAnchor is deactivated from a player. None


Example using:



In this example, the local player is tilted forward when they run. This is done by slightly rotating a pelvis IK anchor forwards and then activating and deactivating it depending on the speed of the player.

-- Core object reference to a pelvis IK anchor
local IKAnchor = script:GetCustomProperty("IKAnchor"):WaitForObject()

-- The minimum speed the player has to be moving at for the IK anchors to be activated

-- How many degrees forward the player will lean when running
local LEAN_ANGLE = 15

local player = Game.GetLocalPlayer()

-- Store the current activation status of the IK Anchor
local isActivated = false

-- Attach the IK Anchor object to the root joint of the player so they move together
IKAnchor:AttachToPlayer(player, "pelvis")

IKAnchor:SetRotation(Rotation.New(0, -LEAN_ANGLE, 0))

function Tick(deltaTime)
-- Deactivate the IK Anchor if the player is not grounded, not pressing the "W" key, or not moving faster than the `ACTIVATION_SPEED`
    if((not player.isWalking or not player:IsBindingPressed("ability_extra_21") or player:GetVelocity().size <= ACTIVATION_SPEED) and isActivated) then
        isActivated = false
    -- Only activate the IK Anchor if the player is grounded, pressing the "W" key, and moving faster than the `ACTIVATION_SPEED`
    elseif (player.isWalking and not isActivated and player:IsBindingPressed("ability_extra_21") and player:GetVelocity().size > ACTIVATION_SPEED) then
        isActivated = true

See also: CoreObject.AttachToPlayer | player.IsBindingPressed | Game.GetLocalPlayer

Last update: November 17, 2021